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owned by cats
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  • 04/10/15--22:54: OS X 10.10.3
  • Took long enough to update due to iffy wi-fi which isn’t any better with this update. I did unearth a rather long ethernet cable, will see if it reaches. May just have a very limited range on my time machine … Continue reading

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  • 04/15/15--23:26: Borked
  • Google Chrome, must have updated itself as suddenly it didn’t have flash enabled. I had used the system flash as Chrome’s flash was buggy. That option is now gone so I am left with only the buggy flash so have … Continue reading

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  • 05/22/15--18:11: Problems
  • With OS X 10.10.3, yes more problems. Hard drive is too full to migrate from iPhoto to Photos so I decided to back up files to DVD then delete the old ones. I ran into an immediate snag when the … Continue reading

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  • 05/27/15--08:17: Connectivity Lost
  • Yesterday I had to reboot my modem multiple times as I had such poor signal strength. I think it was close to midnight when I got sufficiently exasperated that I called tech support. They did some remote adjustments but it … Continue reading

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  • 06/19/15--21:40: Near Panic Attack
  • Bricked iPhone, found the solution here after inelegantly trying various button combos then plugging it in. Not that Apple doesn’t have a problem with it’s OS which it still hasn’t fixed. That’s iOS. OS X has problems too which I … Continue reading

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  • 06/24/15--00:01: It Arrived
  • My new phone, works well so far except for Touch ID which I kind figured as I have a little problem… virtually no fingerprints due to having worked with acids back when I was a lab tech. I do have … Continue reading

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  • 09/25/15--16:55: Changes
  • After many years of having an unlisted phone number, seems every scammer, spammer, politician and charity has it. So I got a new number, also unlisted. I am being very selective about who gets it too. So far that includes … Continue reading

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  • 09/28/15--14:08: Ad Blocking on iOS
  • I was excited to find they had ad blocking apps for iOS until I tried downloading them. Almost all the apps that are updated to work with iOS 9 won’t work with older iPads, older than the iPad Air. And … Continue reading

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  • 09/30/15--23:37: Newest OS X Upgrade
  • Attempting to install, taking forever. Not a smart move on my part. Think I should have run Disk Utility before upgrading. Safe to say it’s not happening tonight. Should have done it earlier. Bigger problems than an upgrade to be … Continue reading

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  • 10/17/15--17:59: Major Disaster
  • Well, not quite as after a couple hours of searching I was able to find the fix for my loud whirring noise I heard upon boot up. Seems the fan was running full bore. I had to reset the SMC … Continue reading

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  • 12/13/15--13:43: Notifications in iOS 9.2
  • I was awakened very early by incessant notifications from a Twitter user. Putting phone on Do Not Disturb did nothing, turning the volume off did nothing. Putting the phone on vibrate did nothing. Changing notification style to not allow sound … Continue reading

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  • 02/21/16--06:01: Nurse Ritzi
  • Kitty is my nurse now for I have the flu. Friday was the worst cause of high fever making my MS worse. I was extremely weak, kept dropping my phone, 5 times total. it still works, great case is why. … Continue reading

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  • 03/02/16--04:52: Thankful
  • Initially when my sister sent this picture of her home in the snow I was glad I was here instead. Today it hit 88, not so thankful and miss her terribly. Today has been a sad day for bring here. … Continue reading

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    It is the gift that keeps on giving, Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Who knows what goodness Huma has there, courtesy of Yahoo mail. Who uses Yahoo mail for State Department business, maybe top secret business? Huma Abedin, Hillary’s top aide that’s … Continue reading

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  • 12/24/16--14:18: Christmas Cheer
  • Since my sister lives so far away, hasn’t made it here yet as she’s waiting on her house to sell, she sent me lovely pics. This is Oliver named after my Bishop who has done so much to help me … Continue reading

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  • 04/09/17--08:41: Cleaning
  • Images that didn’t upload. WordPress needs to fix their mobile app as it fails to upload about half the time. Can’t use Safari as images always come out upside down when I try. Might try Chrome. Would use the computer … Continue reading

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  • 05/21/17--14:10: Lots Of Changes
  • Just realized I hadn’t posted in several weeks. Many changes since. First a pic of my nurse cat kindly taking my spot. Maybe keeping it warm for me, maybe a hint to go pet her. Pets can be great comfort. … Continue reading

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  • 12/18/17--09:53: Fixed It
  • While updating WordPress automatically, it failed and site was down. Not that it gets much traffic especially not posting since October. I had to update manually and that required getting Transmit on this computer. They had a new version so … Continue reading

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  • 03/31/18--21:28: Done Deed
  • After insurance denied my surgery, my doctor didn’t just say back to therapy, he went back to the radiology place that did the MRI, got different images and it got approved afternoon of surgery which by then was cancelled so … Continue reading